Reflect on Your Vision, Set Your Goals and Start Moving

Happy New Year! As you ring in the New Year you can think about mak­ing new res­o­lu­tions. This is your com­mit­ment to work­ing toward annual goals. You resolve to do.…what? After all, that is what your New Year’s res­o­lu­tions are – annual goals. Before you com­mit to the new, you have a chance to look back on what you have com­pleted and then look ahead on what more you want to do through­out the year.

Have you had a chance to reflect on what you have accom­plished in 2012? One won­der­ful thing about the New Year is there is pos­i­tive energy to help moti­vate you. There is that feel­ing of relief from mak­ing it through the hol­i­days and get­ting past the push to meet dead­lines at the end of 2012. Cel­e­brate your achieve­ments of 2012! Use that pos­i­tive energy toward a good atti­tude. Do you remem­ber what you set out to accom­plish? Check off those goals! Feel good about what you did.

Have you had a chance to strate­gize about what you want to change so you can have the best year in 2013? Have you thought about what new things you want to start? Before the New Year rings in, take some time reflect­ing and focus­ing on a clear vision of what you want to do in 2013.

Tomor­row it will be 2013. Do you feel a sense of new­ness in what you are doing? You have a fresh start. You are on to the next goals, those goals you have set for the New Year.

Look at what you have planned and pre­pared to help you make those goals a reality. Now, with the New Year, get ready to imple­ment a strat­egy. Have you done your strate­gic plan­ning? Because face it, when peo­ple talk res­o­lu­tions in the New Year they are refer­ring to action. They are refer­ring to com­mit­ment. What are you real­is­ti­cally plan­ning and pre­pared to start doing in 2013? What goals are you ready to set? It is time to do what you have set your mind to do. Use the moti­va­tion of the New Year to gain momen­tum to your plan­ning and prepa­ra­tions. The start­ing gate is ready to open!

Share your goals. By shar­ing goals, it helps you com­mit to them. They are now out in the open. Oth­ers know what you are plan­ning. You have some account­abil­ity. You can keep peo­ple updated on your progress should they ask. And the peo­ple you tell can be your sup­port to keep­ing you motivated.

If you have done your plan­ning and prepa­ra­tions, you are ready to take action. You can now takes steps out­lined in your plan (such as a busi­ness plan or mar­ket­ing plan) to imple­ment a strat­egy for com­plet­ing your goals. The steps are impor­tant, because they are your route to get you through the year. These steps are your route to your des­ti­na­tion – your goal. Be flex­i­ble in these steps because things can change. You will need to be ready to adjust with those changes. Rec­og­nize that your goal is not an easy task that can be done in a few days, weeks, or a month, but will take time, approx­i­mately one year to com­plete. Think about what series of steps you must com­plete to get you to that goal. Think about where you need to begin. Get ready. Be pos­i­tive! It is time to start moving!

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Leadership Quote on Leading to Influence


Have you worked for a boss that is demand­ing?  You know, the one that keeps on ask­ing and ask­ing more.  Do you know some­one who always seems like they want to be in con­trol but are not will­ing to set the exam­ple for lead­er­ship? Do you know some­one in charge that does what they want, regard­less of sug­ges­tions or what seems right? This is usu­ally the boss that takes the credit instead of giv­ing it where it is due.  This is usu­ally the boss that does not seem to appre­ci­ate those he is always demand­ing of?  What if you were given some con­trol, like of a project or had staff that you super­vised?  If the tables turned, what can you do dif­fer­ently to be the leader and not just the manager? 

You can be a man­ager and require some­thing just because you are in control, but if you want to influ­ence peo­ple you have to be the leader.  You have to be able to moti­vate peo­ple to do things that change them and chal­lenge them to go beyond their limits.

When you think of a leader, who is your role model and what are they doing that is influ­en­tial?  What are some things that you see in their lead­er­ship style?  Most likely they have lead­er­ship traits such as charisma, respect, pas­sion, and a pos­i­tive “can do” atti­tude.  The won­der­ful thing about lead­er­ship traits is that these traits can be learned.  We can improve our­selves and our behav­iors.  For exam­ple, lead­ers often look at an orga­ni­za­tion in terms of “we” and not just “I”.  A leader lis­tens, sees, and gives credit.  That earns him respect.  He speaks from expe­ri­ence so we accept his goals are real­is­tic.  He has knowl­edge that he shares so we can trust his guid­ance.  He doesn’t point the blame but instead looks toward solu­tions.  That shows he is respon­si­ble. He builds things instead of tear­ing them down. He sees the cup as half full and not half empty.  He cre­ates pos­i­tive moti­va­tion.  He believes with pas­sion.  He has vision.

To be suc­cess­ful and the best leader, you can form habits that cre­ate the behav­iors like those of your role models.  You can learn to do those things that help you to be more influ­en­tial.  What habits can you form to be a bet­ter leader?  What can you do dif­fer­ently to pro­duce more influ­en­tial behav­iors?  Make the com­mit­ment, set your mind to form habits like those of your role mod­els, then take the steps to learn to be a bet­ter leader and fol­low through by doing.

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Hello world!

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